I’m glad you’ve found my new blog!  I intend to use this space to continue sharing my life and ministry with all of you, regardless of where I work and live.   Since I’ve been a “missionary” with CCO and ACTS, it’s hard not to feel like my life is on display for the world to watch, whether or not “minister” is my occupation on tax forms.  But that’s ok.  I welcome you to continue watching.  Not because I’m involved, but because God is the one taking me on a journey.  I don’t know where the road leads, but I am always amazed at the One who leads.  This is His story, and He is always worthy of our attention.  My hope for this blog is to share the big and exciting, small and mundane parts of life – to speak honestly from what I experience, question and discover. I hope that you find my posts to be encouraging, funny or at least informative.  Please feel free to make suggestions or ask questions.  If anyone besides me can learn from my experiences, musings and mistakes that will make this blog worth it.  Let’s go live!


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  1. Dearest Emily,
    I hope that what you write even encourages you. You are on a good journey. It really is beautiful. I find that writing/blogging is a way to see the beauty..to not forget, to be reminded of why we live. I love you!

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