On the Light Side – well, sort of

After the previous two posts I feel compelled to share some of my fun adventures.  Over Labor Day weekend I rode from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C.  – on my bike! :D I was accompanied by two determined friends, Kaitlin and Travis.  Their presence made the trip a great experience!

At the starting trailhead - look at those unknowing smiles.

Well, to be perfectly honest there were moments – hours, really – when I was in the most physical pain I’ve been in for a good long while.  (Re-mounting that bike saddle got worse and worse, coupled with serious muscle knotting in my shoulder.)  The interesting parts of the trip took my mind off the pain.

About to enter Paw Paw tunnel - 0.7 miles of pitch black with only the a railing keeping us out of the canal.

Also there is the whole monotony factor of the C&O canal section – com’on, who doesn’t love 150 miles of  gravel path, canal on one side and trees/river on the other?

The view most days.

The locks did provide some relief from the monotomy, especially the ones restored like this. Most of the canal didn't have water in it anymore.

Oh, and not to mention the muddy day.


My poor, abused bike.

But the sense of self-sufficiency from carrying all we needed, the glorious breaks, my thermarest waiting for me each night, and the company of friends have eclisped those negative memories.

At the top of the ride - it's all downhill from here.

After all, with 27 hours and 335 miles of riding we arrived in DC!  How fun it was to ride through the city, knowing we came all the way from Pittsburgh by our own power.

Kaitlin was determined to get our picture taken in front of the White House.

We even got to push our loaded rigs through Grand Central Station in muddy spandex! Now what can beat that experience?  (Sorry, we were rushing – no pictures.)

Home again in Pittsburgh, thanks to Amtrak.


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  1. This is awesome! I want to plan something like this, since Matt and I live in Baltimore. Maybe in the spring. =)

  2. Sounds great… well apart from the pain. Miss you here, I’m seriously lacking adventure partners!

  3. Wow, looks like quite an adventure, Emily! & you were still smiling at the end! :) Thanks for taking us “along” for the ride! :) Hugs! Janice

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