African Sunsets

It was my third day in Uganda before I saw one of my favorite things about Africa – the sunsets.  Driving along the road from Jinja to Kampala (the capital city) allowed us to watch the process.  It is unlike sunsets I’ve seen anywhere else – earthy, warm, brilliant, large.

African sunset

The photo can only be a representation as it does not do the actual thing justice. You can, however, also catch a glimpse of the roads.  This is typical of the main roads connecting large cities and towns. Traffic mostly drives on the left except when “overtaking”  Driving here quickly builds faith (or stress) since until you get used to it, you’ll think there will be a crash every few minutes.

My arrival in the country was mostly uneventful.  I traveled from the US with my colleague and her 20-month old son, and we were warmly greeted by her husband and his brother.  It felt surprisingly familiar and comfortable being back in the country.  I arrived at my work location recently, and am getting oriented to the tasks that will be ahead of me in the coming months.  More posts on that soon.


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  1. When I saw the photo and read your description, the smells, feelings, temperature of Africa, all came flooding back. I’m a little jealous :).
    Love you!

  2. So glad you have arrived safely and are settling in with some familiar sights and sounds :) Was especially thinking of your early this morning and praying that you were adjusting well.

  3. Hi, we warmly welcome you to Uganda. I want to challenge you to visit other parts of Africa especially Mombasa, Juba and Tanganyika. You will get good memories to take home.

  4. Glad you’ve safely arrived! Also, that Jesus welcomed you so warmly. :)

  5. Emily I wish you a productive and safe stay-beautiful sunset. Margo

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