On the Land

Here are the photos that you all have been asking for.  What you see below  are images from “the Children’s Land”, which will eventually be the site for a school, a small village of homes for orphans, a large medical center (there is already a basic operating facility present) and more. It is about 3 miles outside the town.  The land is a small ridge line that juts out into the valley.  In the years before buildings arise we are utilizing the land for agriculture, and we hope to have permanent agricultural land soon.

Looking out toward the land. The water tank is visible on the horizon.

Looking toward the road and medical center.

I arrived at the end of the dry season.  The outlook was bleak with a large section of the land having caught fire from a neighbor’s clearing efforts.  Burning is a common practice to clear brush as well as attempt to revitalize land. I won’t go into the side affects now.

The view across our land during dry season.

The first thing I did was to measure the land I wanted to use, so that we knew how much seed, manure, mulch, and other supplies would be needed. I am focusing on 2.5 acres of land, but I will likely expand. Additional crops are being planted under my colleagues supervision.

Measuring the land. This section was cleared by burning before I got there.

Making the measuring line for planting in the fields.

I am utilizing the Farming God’s Way method on two plots that will grow maize (a type of non-sweet corn) and beans (kidney-type beans), the staples around here.  Farming God’s Way is a conservation agricultural method that plants in stations (holes) as opposed to turning over all the soil. We carefully measure the field so that we can plant in the same holes every season.

Digging holes for maize.

In addition to these fields, we’ve also been measuring for planting trees to line the road into the land.  In fields with overgrown weeds and brush, it’s harder to get parallel curving lines than you would imagine.

I’ve been very busy the past several days, but at the beginning there was plenty of what you see below – sitting and waiting. But that’s when books come in handy.  I have plenty of research and language study to do.

Books are invaluable if you want to utilize waiting times.

That’s all for now!  I’ll show you some more sights around “home” for next time.


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  1. Oh, thanks! This is so nice to see!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Looks exciting! margo

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