It’s Working!

The agriculture team planting beans.

I’ve come to see the importance of celebrating and remembering the glimpses of progress that I encounter amidst the normality or frustrations of life.  I am not always good at stopping to appreciate these moments, but today I saw one.  The agriculture team was planting beans according to the Farming God’s Way method, which looks quite different from local techniques.  (You can find out more about Farming God’s Way at  A lady passing by was expressing her doubt, but Obadiah, one of the farm interns called her back.  I couldn’t understand most of their words, but I watched him respectfully explaining what we were doing and why.  I couldn’t help smiling at this interaction, thinking: This is the way it should be. Obadiah has only been here two days and already he is freely giving what he’s gained.  At the end of their conversation I caught the lady’s words: “Webare kushomesa” – thank you for teaching. She even gave us some of the food she was selling to thank us.  After she left, Obadiah told me that she even asked him to come show her the Farming God’s Way on her land.  God is already opening doors to the community!  I take time record these small events because they will stand as memorials to God’s faithfulness when I am tempted to doubt.

Obadiah teaching a neighbor about Farming God's Way.

[Disclaimer:  Farming God’s Way includes minimal tillage. The ground that has been turned in the foreground of the photos was dug in our plot by conflicting instructions while I wasn’t around. Hmmm… now we work with what we have.]



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  1. Emily,
    Look at what you are already doing….teaching others to teach. Way to go!!!

    I think you’ll need to teach more more about FGW…would it make sense to garden that way here too? :)

    I”m so eager to have a garden..

  2. Gladys B. Wilson

    You’re right. Keeping track of God’s work in the small things is important because it shows His eternal care for individuals in the midst of keeping the universe on track. What a God we serve. Don’t you fall in love with Obadiah’s instant response to God’s Way! I think of the woman at the well rushing to tell others about Jesus. And, of Mary, treasuring her experiences with Jesus in her heart to that they comforted her as she saw God working out His plans.
    In a few days, my new website “Between the sacred and the common” will be up and running. Your blog has been a model for me and I wish I had your experitise. I will have to learn how to enter new blogs and the ones on it may or may not carry forward the message I feel God has given me to convey. My grandson, Matthew, will probably be my teacher.
    Sending love from our family,

  3. What an awesome God we serve! Your New Hope family is Godly proud of you and keeping you in our prayers!

    Carmen (and Marlene)

  4. Margo McGilvrey

    Thanks for update. I oftenThink of you and the good work you are leading. Heard an interesting ( true-untrue) discussion on NPR stating that sending aid to Uganda to combat AIDs resulted in higher rates of infection because it removed the individual responsibility for their behavior. That is why the people need to be accountable for the solution once you and others demonstatre the way. Margo

  5. I love it Emily! You have already accomplished so much. Keep on keepin’ on!

  6. Bonita Mccullough

    Hi Emily just wanted to say keep doing what you are doing and that you are in our prayers.

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