Around Home

Many of you have asked to see pictures of my house, so here they are!  Interestingly, home spaces (and particularly bedrooms) are kept very private around here, so the thought of showing pictures of my house/bedroom would be a bit horrifying to many of my neighbors. Good thing for you, I still think like an American in this aspect, so I have no qualms about displaying my living space. So come on in…

Looking in from the doorway.

Here it is!  This is my house, bedroom, kitchen, office/meeting space on occasion, and even music studio where I give guitar lessons. (Oh, and you guessed it, this is in it’s just-cleaned state. It looks like this about 2x/week.) I usually eat supper and breakfast with Alissa and her family (and lunch is served at the work site), so I don’t do much cooking.  I have a powerful propane burner which boils water quite effectively.

More of my room...

If you walk in and turn around, the above is what you see.  Not too interesting.  Just a few books, essential toiletries, a tote/clothes storage, and another tote/misc. storage.

View from my bed.

And if you turn another 30 degrees, you’ll be looking back out my door. You can see my jerry can (the yellow plastic container). I don’t have running water, but get it from about 50 yards away at Victor & Alissa’s house.  The tap at their place works about 10% of the time. The other 90% of the time, the men of the house take the Rav4 (car) and all our jerry cans to go bring water from elsewhere.  You can see that shoes here always stay by the door. Otherwise, you track in too much dirt.  I can’t stand the feel of dirt between my bare feet and the floor.

Looking out the window.

Looking out my window… the house you see is Victor and Alissa’s.  (You’ll hear their names a lot. They direct the organization I work with. Go to to see more info. Alissa is from Clarion, PA, so it’s nice to have someone around to chat with who knows my world back home.)

My house.

From the outside, my place looks like this.  My door and window are on the left. My immediate neighbors are a very nice couple and their two young children who work for the organization. They recently just moved here from Kampala. The little building to the right of my house behind the banana trees is my high-tech, no-flush toilet (a.k.a. latrine).  I have one all to myself; I keep a lock on it to ensure that it stays that way.  The bathing room is also in this small building. A cold bucket bath usually feels good at the end of a hot day, but sometimes I go the work of heating water.

Well, that’s the grand tour! Hope you enjoyed it.  If I missed any essential details, just ask!


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  1. Margo McGilvrey

    Emily, thanks for sharing. Do you have any free time to explore the area or do recreational activities? it looks like you are working very hard to improve the food production. Think of you often and admire the work you are engaged in. Margo

  2. Your New Hope family loves and misses you and we pray for you constantly! – Carmen

    PS: Mom and I saw a phenomenal show yesterday “Spirit of Uganda” and it made us think of you. :-)

  3. Thanks for the tour, Emily! Now we can envision you in you “habitat” better! God’s peace be with you! Love you! Janice & Bob in Ohio

  4. I liked this tour–you did a good job of directing!
    Love you!

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