Some gifts you can hold in your hands, and some you must hold in your memory.  Recently, God gave me a gift of the latter kind. Over Easter I had the opportunity to step away from work in Kyenjojo to pause and be refreshed.  Don’t hear me wrong;  I love my work and colleagues here, but the days are long and sometimes grueling.  Since I haven’t grown up here, sometimes it’s nice to take a break and do things that remind me of home.  I traded my typical outfits of wrap-skirts and ill-matched t-shirts for jeans and more stylish tops.  (You wouldn’t believe how nice jeans feel after 6 weeks of missing them.)  I traded my latrine for flushing toilets, and bucket baths for showers (sometimes even with hot water!).  I traded my carefully spoken English for my normal sloppy American accent – yay for friends that understand American English!  I gladly gave up the early mornings, hot sun and pressure of project management for relaxed days in the breezes along a beautiful lake shore.  I welcomed any fresh fruit, cold foods (yogurt!) and vegetables that don’t really exist in Kyenjojo.  And I didn’t miss hearing “Mzungu!” (white person) ten times each day.

Loving a simple picnic lunch with good oranges (!!!!) while wearing jeans. :)

It became apparent how tired I had been when I was very content doing very little for several days in a row.  During these days I enjoyed some sweet times of worship and prayer as I watched the clouds morph and blow over the lake. To speak honestly, I’ve neglected my devotional life over the past few months.  But last week the realization of God’s presence and care for me was so real.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was the only one that has been with me in every place my life has taken me, and that he is still with me now.

Some of the friends who shared the week with me (L-R: Emily, Michelle, Simon).

For those of you who, like me, are prone to keep working without a break, I urge you to make those times of rest happen.  The “sacrifice” is well worth the gifts you might find.

I was intrigued by this tree along the lake shore.


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  1. Hurray for R & R! Rest and fresh perspectives can make the work so much easier!

  2. This is a good reminder to keep up my daily displine of 30 min of flat on my back time :)

  3. ahhh… Emily, just reading your blog reminds me of the importance of R & R. I just spent the last 28 hours with my precious 15 month grand-daughter, Trinity. While her smile refreshes and invigorates me, I found that caring for a toddler non-stop is quite draining to an almost 60 year old Nana. I feel some R & R time coming. Thanks for the reminder. Love & Hugs from OHIO! Janice

  4. Have victor or alissa look up “cherished one ” in Hebrew…that will be my new name for you. You are missed….please make sure Joel gets your msgs…he really needs to learn the importance of r&r…God’s perfect love to you….and my imperfect love to you too.

  5. John and Margy Port

    I love hearing about your rest and relaxation and restoration–it is much deserved! And I love thinking about ‘Sabbath rest’–this is one of my newest lessons from God and here is what it means to me: ‘Sabbath rest’ does not necessarily refer to Sunday in church, but to a daily time in God’s presence during which we allow our hearts to revel in ‘unhurried worship’…Ahhh! You are blessing upon blessing….

  6. Emily, you had worked hard all through and that rest was a good one
    You deserve it.

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