Children’s Day

Sometimes I get tired of being consumed with plants, soil and weeds. That’s why it was refreshing to have a different task last Saturday – helping to run Children’s Day.   Each year God’s Care Ministries sponsors this day to celebrate children and demonstrate how much each child is loved.  In a place where very young children often carry immense responsibility, it also provides a chance to laugh and play – to be a child.

Although I was intrigued to see what the day would be like, I didn’t expect to be particularly affected.  But when I met 200 children marching down from the church on the hill, clapping and singing praise songs, my heart could not remain untouched.  Some children were smartly dressed in school uniforms, others in old clothes and shoes that had seen multiple previous owners.  I knew that so many of these children come from abusive or impoverished situations beyond what I could imagine, yet I heard their voices and hands strong with melodies and rhythm.  I felt chills as I spontaneously found myself interceding for these young lives, pleading with God that their hope is not in vain.

The children’s parade going from church, through town and to the sports fields.

When this little procession reached the sports field, we were met with white tents, streamers and balloons, all prepared just for these children.

The soccer field converted into a celebration venue.

Throughout the day the children enjoyed games, choir presentations, speeches (even in events for children, the practice of speech giving by important figures cannot be omitted), good food, juice and cake.  They were even sent home with Smarties and “DumDums” (those little lollipops)!  I contributed by taking up my previous occupation to facilitate  game time – definitely organized chaos, with an emphasis on chaos.  By the time the day finished, there were close to 600 children in attendance.

The cake cutting ceremony.

Although God’s Care Ministries has many facets, ultimately we work for the restoration and transformation of this community, which we pray that these children will experience.   It was a privilege to move from the grassroots (pun not intended) of the organization to catch a glimpse of the ultimate reason that I put in long days and constantly have  soil under my nails.

The faces of those I work for.


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  1. Margo McGilvrey

    Emily, it really is about the children and the future-what a beautiful posting. Hope all is well with you and you continue your good work. Margo

  2. Oh, now I have tears in my eyes. Thanks for sharing this. There just is something about children…I think it’s because they are so close to Father’s heart.

  3. sounds like a great day! It’s hard to imagine Children being “Neglected” coming from the very child-centered culture in which we live. In many parts of the world Children don’t really get to “be” children – glad you got to be a part of this – thanks for posting.

  4. John and Margy Port

    Hello Emily! Miles of smiles with joyful tears here in Pennsylvania, not only because of your beautiful writing style that captures the essence of the glory of God through the work of God’s Care Ministries, but also because you were able to experience the blessing of being in the presence of ‘the joy of the Lord’ through the children’s singing and laughter. May you continue to experience God’s peace, Christ’s love and the Spirit’s joy! We love you and respect your amazing work in agriculture and ‘seed sowing’, O daughter of the King!

  5. What a day! Thanks for sharing it with us. You are a blessing to us and to so many people. The Heavenly Father is using you to bless many! Karl & Charlotte

  6. Thank you Emily for your beautiful post on Children’s Day! It brought back many memories of when we were there last year for the grand event. It brings so much hope to these children to know they are in the hands of God! Their beautiful faces and voices will always be in my heart! How they can be so thankful and joyful with so little?! Is it not amazing how God provides you with so much energy to do His work?! The feeding of the children that day was awesome; the pots never ran empty as the loaves and fish. Thank you for all your work in Kyenjojo and faith in the Lord! “Kyenjojo for Jesus”

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