American Football…in Uganda!

Oh, I wish I had a photo for this one!  But how can a picture capture this scene:  a white girl holds the football, calls, “Set, hike!”, and drops back for the pass while six Ugandan guys run down the field (being careful not to trip in the long grass or twist an ankle in the minefield of “potholes”).  She launches the ball, and… it’s caught!!!  “Run, run!”, she yells. The receiver is almost to the end zone, when Oh no!, he decides to throw a lateral to a teammate 20 yards away.  The ball arcs into the air and she cries, “Noooooo!!” in amused, excited dismay.  The teammate misses it and “Fumble! Get the ball, get the ball!” Sadly, the other team recovers it. The girl drops to her knees, laughing and shaking her head.

I suppose you figured that the white girl is me.  Oh, it was so funny. I have to give credit to the guys for learning enough of the rules to manage backyard football – of sorts.  Funny thing, though: I’ve never seen so many laterals in a game before.  The influence of rugby is quite strong here, and I did have to stop the play many times for illegal forward laterals. But we had a grand time nonetheless, and  we certainly got our share of laughter for the week.


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  1. oh that his hilarious!!!

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