This has got to be my favorite time of the year, especially when farming.  All the sweat, early mornings, back aches and blisters fade away when you pull that huge carrot from the soil, sink your teeth into a fresh ear of sweet corn, and laugh at the absurdly large zucchini that hid from last week’s harvest.  Enough words. Here are the pictures:


Sweet corn!!! Everyone loved it, and we had to put a limit on how many ears were allowed to be eaten while harvesting. Harvesting the corn brought back many memories from my childhood – the smell and the itchiness on my skin.

From our little patch, we got about 20 dozen ears.


We weren’t sure when to do with it all, until we discovered that with a small sample, people who had never previously eaten it loved it.  We sold all of it that day in town, mostly from a pile sitting in front of the office door. Roasting maize here is common, so sweet corn was of course treated the same way.  Quite nice, actually.


Sweet basil grew so nicely. Too bad I didn’t have much to do with it except dry it for future use as a pest control spray. Last week we started harvesting the first cabbage as well.

Well, the lettuce has performed much better than I expected, but its day has come and gone, as it has bolted through the shade roof. :)


L: Peter cuts one of the two watermelon that we harvested this season (see previous post). Sad smile  Also in the background are beans being dried after harvest.  Our small patches produced 22kg of dried beans, plus two buckets of fresh bean still in the pods. R: Savoring every bite of the watermelon.

Farming God’s Way maize has not yet been harvested, but the plot we doubted is proving to out perform the rest of the maize. Praise God!

       After the sweet corn, I think carrots take second place for success. Nice size, hardly any maintenance on them, and they sold quickly in town.


Bunching carrots for sale. In Kyenjojo, each of these piles sell for 1,000 Ugandan shillings, which is about $0.50 USD.


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  1. I am just marveling at the lush green plants and amazing harvest. Makes me soooo excited! I’m curious about the basil for as a pest control…? Any more info you can share about that?

  2. I agree. Please share more about the basil!

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