FGW Training

I owe a huge thank you to all of you who prayed before, during and after this two-day event.  It was huge success.  Of course there are always aspects to improve, but overall the attendees enjoyed the training and we enjoyed teaching.

We didn’t really know how many people would show up.  Training events here are often well-attended because of incentives given by the hosting organization.  People get free lunch, reimbursement for travel expenses (even when they have walked), maybe some handout, and occasionally a small stipend for attending! Imagine. Getting paid to receive training.  We decided to set a different standard. Farming God’s Way strongly discourages any incentives, so we determined not only to not give transportation reimbursement, but also to charge a small fee to help cover the cost of lunch both days.  If people are not willing to invest anything in their learning, they probably will not remember it for very long.  On the first morning, we were pleased with 36 participants.  The following day only 10 people came.  We decided to teach the ones who who had made the effort to return.  But before long the room was filled with all the participants (save for one colleague who had to work)from the day before.  Many had walked a long distance or paid significant money to reach the training site.  We were so happy to see their commitment.

The training was a mix of classroom teaching and outdoor practical application.

Obadiah teaches the biblical principle: “Acknowledge God and God Alone.”

Emily teaches about the management principle: “Do everything to a high standard.”

Obadiah demonstrating how to lay out permanent markers in the field.

Surveying and discussing the participants’ work in the demonstration garden.

Phoebe teaches about composting.

We will be following up with the farmers who attended the event to help them problem solve as they implement FGW on their land, as well as encourage and disciple them as they apply good management and biblical principles in their lives.  Please pray for these farmers as they try something new and seek to honor God through their lives.  The opposition can be tough and often tangible, but we serve a mighty God who loves to see hearts turned toward Him.


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  1. Every time I hear about FGW it makes me want to learn more :)

  2. Glad people came to hear about your program. Keep up the great Kingdom work!

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