Culture Shock & Fun Fact

Culture shock and reverse culture shock has been described to me as the feeling of everything around you being in motion.  This is one of the best ways I can summarize it.  It’s as if you can’t quite get a handle on anything because it never stays still; kinda like you’re in the middle of whirlwind.  Maybe one reason for this is that transition between cultures often involves a lot of travel and movement between various locations. Five minutes ago I just discovered that I have spent the night in at least 13 different locations in the past month! That averages 2.15 nights in each place, and ranges from a rural house in Uganda, to Kampala guest houses, friends houses, an airplane, 5 star hotel, my family’s houses, a sofa and finally my own bed! (Well, at least the mattress on my bedroom floor.)  When I become exhausted of constant change, I try to savor it because I know there have been and will be plenty of days when I wish I could have a little variety in my life.

One of my favorite places to sleep – my childhood bedroom.


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