Next Three Feet

On the trail of life I typically want to see at least 50 miles ahead.  Much to my consternation, God often shows me only the next three feet.  Many of you have asked what my plans are for the future, and if I could see 50 miles ahead, I would tell you.  For now, all I can tell you are the next few steps I’m taking.  Right now I’m in Nairobi, Kenya, following up on a grad school application to the master’s program in Agronomy at the University of Nairobi.  (Don’t worry, I didn’t know what agronomy was either, until about a year ago.  Think of it basically as the holistic study and practice of agriculture.)  This degree fits with my goal of working in agricultural development by providing technical knowledge and educational status that most jobs require these days.  If all works out, I will begin classes in February.  In the meantime I’m taking Swahili language classes and learning to navigate a new city on public transportation. It’s fun to start understanding what people are saying around me, however I can’t say I particularly enjoy the hours I spend sitting on buses, trains and matatus (mini-buses) every day.  I will keep you posted as I walk around the next bends of life’s trail.

Kenyan sunrise from my bedroom window. One of the perks of a 5:15am wake up.

Kenyan sunrise from my bedroom window. One of the perks of a 5:15am wake up.


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  1. Hey Emily,
    This is so exciting. I’m glad that I get to hear about your adventures through your blog. I am taking a course called Food Production, Public Health, and the Environment and its given me a much better understanding of the challenges that small-scale farmers face in low and middle income countries. I recently read about the agro-forestry research in Nairobi and its pretty amazing to read about the effects of this technique in Tanzania. Very cool! I can’t wait to hear more about your experience.

  2. I’m glad you are making progress in following your dreams. Learning the language sounds like a big challenge, but it sure will be helpful in feeling more a part of your new home :) Prayers are with you. ~Aunt Elaine

  3. Hey Beano,
    Got your message. Hakunamatata. I hope I spelled that right. Who knows. Maybe we will see you over there, or here in the future.

    As T and I are learning more and more what it is to ne obedient to Christ, I too have become accustom to seeing only a few feet in front where God’s light is shining. Being WITH God takes away the need or desire to need to know everything. Peace, I think they call it.

  4. Hi, Emily! Wow! You simply amaze us! The “ease” in which you navigate from one country to another… obviously a gift GOD has given you! We want to wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy 2013 and Keep putting one foot in front of the other following HIS lead. Keep us posted! Hugs from Ohio! Janice & Bob

  5. Thanks y’all for the encouragement!

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