The Randomest Weekend

This post does not represent my typical weekend, but surely it has to be one of the most diverse I’ve had in a long time.

It started with…

a 4th of July pig roast party!!!

Full of patriotism and disturbing images of a large animal on a stick (sorry, vegetarian friends).

And a Canadian must have snuck into our midst as well.

Followed by a visit to friends on the outskirts of Nairobi…

While cooking lunch the propane gas ran out, so we took the next logical option.

And by Sunday I was completely disoriented as when I showed up at a Christmas-in-July party!

The white elephant game required gifts that had been bought from a road-side vendor. Never underestimate what you can find there in Nairobi! I came home with an extremely cheap version of playing cards sporting President Obama’s face on the back of every one.

And that’s my weekend!

P.S. I am fully aware that “randomest” is completely improper grammar.


Posted on August 28, 2013, in Kenya, Misc. Life. Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. This is HILARIOUS!!!! (The events, as is your writing about it!) Love it!! Glad you can have some fun, dear sister!

  2. Love ‘randomest’….love your smile….love YOU :)

  3. Loraine Francis

    It’s great you can embrace your surroundings You can pray for us. Uncle Rex has a cyst on the pancreas and in a lot of pain. Pray the doctors will know what to do.

  4. It was great to catch up with your “randomest” times. Glad you are doing well and have made some great friends.

  5. You are nutty as ever…still loved, and very much missed…!

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