The Journey Shared

On occasion, I enjoy a solitary stroll through the woods, but for the serious journeys, I much prefer a companion. The miles become lighter when there is someone to talk and laugh with, to share the struggle and sweat of steep climbs as well as the rewarding vistas at the top, when there is someone to brush off the dirt and bandage wounds of travel mishaps, and to dream and plan together of adventures to come. 

For many years I’ve been blessed with a multitude of literal and figurative “trekking” companions that have filled that role for various seasons in my life. There is one person, however, who has demonstrated himself to be so determined and courageous (and most likely crazy) to arrive at the decision to permanently combine the rest of his and my life journeys into one. I am pleased to introduce you to Simon.

Our story is too long to include here, but let me just say that it started eleven years ago in Kenya, and is filled with innumerable God-orchestrated events.  During these years, I have come to deeply respect Simon for traits that I had only dreamed of finding in one person. I couldn’t be happier to be continuing this path of life with him.  We also both fully recognize that neither of us would have made it to this point in life without family and friends that have encouraged and supported us in so many ways.  We know that life is truly a community endeavor, and we greatly value your continued companionship as we begin this new phase of our journey.  We eagerly anticipate the places God is taking us!


Posted on March 20, 2014, in Kenya, Misc. Life, Thoughts. Bookmark the permalink. 9 Comments.

  1. Well said, Emily! Well said. Immeasurable blessings to both of you.

  2. This beautiful post made my afternoon. Blessings on you both as you begin this adventure!

  3. What a beautiful description! :)

  4. You are blessed to find someone who has won your heart :)

  5. So many hearts broken….so many hearts smiling….and all of them praying for the two of you !

  6. Best of Luck to both of you. May you continue to lead a blessed life as a couple. Margo M

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