Our First Visitors

Living in Africa has its ups and downs – especially when “home” is on the other side of the world. But one of the good things about being here is that people come to visit us! Not the kind of stop-in-for-a-few-minutes visit, but for whole days and weeks at a time.

Our first official visitors were my parents and my younger sister. What a great time.

Our first visitors - compressed-011

My highlight was the discovery, laughter and excitement of our safari day.

Our first visitors - compressed-013

We managed to spot the king of the beasts who was being vigilantly watched by nearby zebras. And of course lots of other animals.

Our first visitors - compressed-007

Our first visitors - compressed-008

Our first visitors - compressed-012

My dad did an amazing job of photo-documenting the entire day.

Our first visitors - compressed-004

The rest of us enjoyed the ride around the park and spotting animals too. And all of this within 10 miles of Nairobi.

Our first visitors - compressed-005

Our first visitors - compressed-006

However, touring is tiring and a lunch-time nap was in order.

Our first visitors - compressed-010

A visit to a local market (a bit overwhelming if you’re not used to them) produced lots of fresh edibles.

Our first visitors - compressed-003

And if you visit in January or February, you can be assured of finding lots of mangoes! They accompanied nearly every meal.

Our first visitors - compressed-015

Of course, traveling to a new country can be stressful. Especially with Nairobi driving. No worries, this is a very typical scene: vehicles pull out in front of you all the time.

Our first visitors - compressed

Maybe they drive like this, because they’ve all gone to this driving school?! (It’s called “Rocky Driving School”.)

Our first visitors - compressed-001

Of course, there must be a little time for just relaxing and enjoying the amazing weather…

Our first visitors - compressed-020

Our first visitors - compressed-016

…and the unbeatable African sunsets.

Our first visitors - compressed-022

A 14-hour inter-country bus trip allowed us to get a good feel of the countryside, with one highlight being the tea fields in Kericho, Kenya.

Our first visitors - compressed-017

Once in Jinja, Uganda, there were plenty more adventures:

Getting to the source of the of the Nile River…

Our first visitors - compressed-018…discovering jack fruit…

Our first visitors - compressed-023…seeing Bujagali Falls along the Nile…

Our first visitors - compressed-019


…and making pineapple upside down cake – with fresh pineapples and no cake pan!


Our first visitors - compressed-021

And of course, I was so thankful that some of my family was able to be at my wedding! (But that’s encroaching on another post.)

Our first visitors - compressed-024

So a deep thank you to my parents and sister who made the trip all the way t0 East Africa to see our world here and spend precious times together before my wedding. Your patience, flexibility and unending selflessness cannot be matched.


P.S. Nairobi, Kenya, can be quite cheap to reach especially during February and November – $800-900 round trip! If you get the inkling to travel, let us know! :)


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  1. Those were such wonderful days, Simon and Emily! We’d do it again soon, if we could. :-)

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