Our (Ugandan) Wedding Day

Many brides say they can hardly remember their wedding day. It does feel surreal four months later, but I do remember this: I actually enjoyed my wedding day! That was likely due to the fact that in Uganda, it is the groom’s responsibility to pull off the wedding, so Simon and his family and friends were in charge of most details. That let me free to go along for the ride. :) While some wedding traditions are different, a Ugandan “church” wedding is quite similar to a typical American ceremony. I was most distinctly aware that our wedding was in Uganda when I arrived at the church. As the bridal party got out of the cars, many people from the church came out to line our path, all the while singing, dancing, clapping and celebrating. Moments like these enriched the day in a special way, making me very happy to have had a “Ugandan” wedding.  And a big thank you to my husband who put in more effort than I will ever know to make that day happen.

Here is a slideshow of the wedding. Enjoy! (Most photo credits go to my father and sister.)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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  1. Love these! Thanks for sharing your special day! Hope the first months of married life have gone smoothly (and that your schoolwork has cooperated). Hugs!

  2. Jim "Mr. Cafe" Burwell

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL………! Still loved, still missed, always praying for you, and Simon too !

  3. These pictures make me sooooo happy! :) Any chance you can bring over some of the ones that I don’t have so I can get them too?

  4. Makes me very excited!!!

  5. Enjoyed looking at your pictures again. Such a beautiful wedding. Looking forward to seeing you at the next big event!!

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