Nairobi Agriculture Show

Since some of my favorite childhood memories come from the Oley Fair (our local agricultural show), I couldn’t miss the national farm show in Kenya. In many ways it was very similar to county farm shows  in the U.S. – the animals, the business exhibitions, food, and of course the section of rides and non-agricultural amusement. The interesting part is that farm shows are scheduled so that crops are mid-season, and various organizations get a small plot on which they grow a specific variety for demonstration. We found rather impressive greenhouse tomatoes…

…and prolific kale (which is arguably the most popular vegetable in Kenya).

We did find one small building with harvested produce, but with fewer specimens than I was used to seeing. (And for those that grew up on the Oley fair, there did not seem to be any art, baking or sewing exhibitions, and no giant pumpkin contest.) But the animal exhibitions were quite familiar. We found the Holsteins…

…and another local breed (note the hump on the shoulders).

Perhaps the most impressive was the Fleckvieh, a huge breed which is being promoted as truly dual-purpose – for both beef and dairy farming. Very impressive. Perhaps I’ll start cattle farming one of these days.

Rabbits are also quite popular here. I couldn’t help but take these photos for my nephews and niece.



The most amusing part (which the Oley Fair is lacking) were the photo booths!!!

Yes, they are decked out with all sorts of gaudy decorations, posters and props for photo taking. I just couldn’t resist.

And that was our farm show trip. Thanks for sharing it with us!


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  1. The Fleckvieh ARE an impressive breed! That would be neat if you could have a cattle farm and grow produce :) but I imagine just one Fleckvieh is expensive to buy. You both look great! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing. You look good and happy. God Bless you and your new life and continuing ministry. By the way Pathway Church is doing some significant ministry in Kenya.
    Frank Wilson

  3. The boys say “very cool, very cool”!

  4. Jania says, “I just love all of those bunnies”. :)

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