Snapshots of South Sudan

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to spend 2.5 months in South Sudan. The time was a mix of work, visiting Simon, and simply carrying on with life in a new location. Here is a random assortment of images captured while I was in South Sudan:

Juba, South Sudan, (the capital) from the air.

A family gathering to be officially introduced as Simon’s wife. Lots of good food!


Typical rainy season downpours made instant lakes in Rumbek, South Sudan. (But the soil was strangely firm and non-slippery under the water. You could easily drive through these puddles.)

The Across signpost in Adol (left) and a meeting with tradesmen (right). I was working with Across on their food security and peace building project in Rumbek. (See their website for more info:

Our retreat in Rumbek was a Sunday trip to this swimming pool. The hotel grounds also hosted small friends like this timid dik dik.

Tree-line road (planted by the British) and the shops in Rumbek.

Traditional two-story home with fenced in compound. I’m told that good grass thatching can last up to ten years. I was surprised to find that he houses and general landscape of Rumbek was the Africa that I pictured when I was young.

The ox-plough was introduced more than 20 years ago, but has only recently been accepted by this cattle-keeping community because it was seen as an abuse to the cattle. It is now the most sought after agricultural device in Rumbek East County.


Most critters seem to come oversized in Rumbek, including this 5 inch millipede and 4 inch snail.

Much of South Sudan looks like this. The vastness is incomprehensible.


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