About the Author

Welcome! I’m pleased to have you visit.

My name is Emily and I’m married to an amazing husband who also happens to be my best friend. We live in Kenya, though “home” has become wherever we are at the moment.DSC_0805 Simon & I

In addition to being a wife, I’m a daughter and sister in the best family I could ever imagine, even though they’re on the other side of the ocean.clip_image008_thumb.jpgFamily

I’ve gone back to school and am currently a full-time master’s candidate, but by profession, I’ve worked in agriculture, international development, environmental and adventure education and campus ministry. I’m an enthusiast of anything outdoors and active (I played profession women’s American football), a lover of cultural diversity, a city-dweller with a country girl’s heart and an American who considers it an honor to be called African. Although I have tendencies of adventure seeking, it is my deeply held Christian faith that ultimately motivates me to do what sometimes looks crazy to onlookers.

In this blog I tell the stories I know best – the ones from this wild journey called my life.  I hope that these snippets will serve to keep us a little more connected if you are far away, but more so, my prayer is that my honest musing, mishaps and adventures will lend you courage to live each day more fully, always keeping in focus the One leading you along the path.

Feel free to make comments, ask questions or request particular topics. I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

  1. Emily, we would like to continue to support your mission work while you are in Uganda-please let us know how we can do that. margo McGilvrey ( Birk’s mother)

  2. Thanks so much for your offer, Mrs. McGilvrey! I will get that information to you. Good to hear from you. :)

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