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Grant Us Peace

The choral melody of Dona Nobis is quickly recognized by anyone familiar with choral music. Often sung as a basic melody in beginner choirs, its simplicity becomes hauntingly beautiful when sung in canon. As a choir girl myself, I cannot say that I adequately appreciated this piece when I was young. But I encountered it again last week at a Christmas concert and found it profoundly meaningful.  The full text of the song is only three words: Dona nobis pacem – “grant us peace”.  As I sat in a beautiful, peaceful auditorium in Nairobi, Kenya, listening to choral music, my thoughts wondered to the lives lost in continuous terrorist attacks in the country – God, grant us peace. And I remembered our neighbors to the north in South Sudan being displaced, killed and losing homes – God, grant us peace. And the innumerable uprisings and conflict zones around the world – God, grant us peace. Even seemingly peaceful countries like the US continue to experience shootings and racial tension – God, grant us peace.

On Christmas, when we remember the coming of the Prince of Peace, I have been struck by our need for Christ’s mercy and the ultimate peace that only God can provide. This Christmas, may you experience Christ’s peace in your hearts and be agents of His peace in the world as we anticipate the fulfillment of His Kingdom.


Darkness and Glory

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I’ve typically posted about the work I’m doing and the ministry I’m involved in.  However, during this next phase of life, I will be a full-time student, so the subjects of my blog posts may differ.  However, I will continue to share tidbits of life here, what I’m learning and anything else you may find interesting or helpful.  Looking forward to staying in touch!

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I just started using Windows Live Writer to publish to my blog, but apparently there is a communication error between the programs, or else the one just can’t count.  So if you see that “This gallery contains 40 photos”, don’t ask me where they all are.  I only put 12 there. :) Sorry for the glitch, and thanks for reading!

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I have finally finished updating the pages you find listed at the top of my blog.  Poke around to read an overview of my work or find ways to get involved. Thanks for your patience!

Photos Have Arrived

At long last, I’ve created the appropriate links and thumbnails on my “Photos!” page.  You can now view highlights from my work/adventures over the past several years. Enjoy!

On the Land

Please Ask Questions

The more times I come to Uganda, the fewer things seem different or unique.  So I need your help!  Please comment on this post with the questions you have, then I can best respond to what you would like to know.  Thanks!