Get Involved

In the past, my work has often had obvious ways to get involved, such as financial and other practical support opportunities. Currently, neither Simon or I work for an organization requiring us to raise funds. However, we still value your friendship,  interaction and support. We will continue to write about work, life and ministry, and hope to continue hearing from your side as well. There are a few things you can do to stay connected:

  • Read our blog
  • Read other new sources from the region (BBC News, various Kenyan papers, Sudan Tribune – for South Sudan)
  • Keep your friends aware of international situations
  • Send us a message via email, blog or FB
  • Give us a call or set up a skype chat
  • Or…. come visit!!! Seriously, in February, tickets to Nairobi are only $800-$900 round trip from the US east coast. There’s no better way to shake the winter blues than some time in the sun. And Nairobi is not that far from the white sands and blue waters of the Indian Ocean!


Just in case you’re contemplating a trip over here…


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