My Work

Work for me over the past ten years has primarily been in the non-profit sector, both in the US and abroad, covering fields of campus ministry and adventure education, agriculture, environmental education and international development. (See the blogroll for links to these organizations.)

My current work is to complete a full-time master’s degree in Agronomy at the University of Nairobi. It’s a two-year program, which is scheduled to finish later this year. I’ve completed two semesters of coursework and am now doing my field research and thesis. I’m studying the spider plant (Cleome gynandra, not related the American houseplant of the same common name), one of the many underutilized African indigenous vegetables. For more explanation on why I’m studying in Kenya, read the post “So…Why Are You Here?”

As I am beginning to see the end of my studies approaching, I’m gearing up to re-enter the work force, aiming to continue in the field of agriculture, environment and development.

Below are a few photos from my time at the University of Nairobi:


Soil chemistry lab – testing for soil phosphorus levels.


Field layout – measuring for where the raised beds will be dug.

???????????????????????????????Making the raised beds.



  1. Good contribution, carry on as we pray for God’s grace upon you.

  2. I love all these updates! You are so creative!

  3. Nancy Newbury

    Emily, I just devoured your entire blog. I wish you could see my huge smile and my amazement over what you have accomplished in such a short time. God truly is with you. Thanks for your hard work and sharing your wisdom with others.

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